Daishu Yu Long

The Kangaroo and the Dragon

The experiences of an Australian who lived in China for eight years (2003-2010).

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Post-China (January 2011-December 2012)

December 2012 shieryue
24 hao   Epilogue: Sun (2 comments)

Beijing (February 2006-December 2010)

December 2010 shieryue
13 hao   Lifelog: Last Letter from China (no comments)
October 2010 shiyue
6 hao   Lifelog: Preparing for Repatriation (no comments)
June 2010 liuyue
6 hao   Lifelog: Simple Life (no comments)
November 2009 shiyiyue
23 hao   Journal: More Tales of Bureaucracy (no comments)
August 2009 bayue
2 hao   Lifelog: Another New Beginning (1 comment)
September 2008 jiuyue
9 hao   Lifelog: Still Settling In (1 comment)
September 2006 jiuyue
9 hao   Journal: Engagement (14 comments)
June 2006 liuyue
19 hao   Lifelog: Back to Reality (8 comments)
February 2006 eryue
15 hao   Journal: First Impressions of Beijing (13 comments)
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