Oral Exam Questions




·        What kinds of movies do you like?

·        What are some good movies that you’ve seen?

·        Do you think there is too much violence on TV and in movies?

·        Should movies be classified?  (This means that children won’t be allowed to watch some movies that contain violence, sexual themes, etc).

·        What kinds of books do you like?

·        Should books be censored?

·        What fun things can people do for $0.00?

·        What do you do in your spare time?

·        What kind of movies do you dislike?

·        What kind of music do you like?

·        What games do you like?

·        What do you think about computer games?

·        What do you think about soap operas?

·        What sports do you like?

·        What magazines do you like?



Love and Marriage

Note: don’t choose this topic if you will feel embarrassed answering personal questions!


·        Describe a perfect date.

·        Do you think marriage is necessary?

·        How did you meet your girl/boyfriend?

·        What do you think about love on the Internet?

·        Does getting married mean losing your freedom?

·        Is it okay for a couple to live together before getting married?

·        How long should a couple know each other before they get married?

·        If your parents didn’t like your boy/girlfriend, what would you do?

·        What qualities are important in a good husband/wife?

·        What makes a happy marriage?

·        Is it okay to date a person much older or younger than yourself?

·        What do you think about arranged marriages?

·        What would you do if your husband/wife had an affair?

·        What do you like to talk about on a date?

·        What’s the best way to find a girl/boyfriend?





·        Do you think we should worry about the environment?

·        What causes poverty?

·        Do you think women are discriminated against?

·        What do you think about the one child policy?

·        Are illegal drugs a problem in China?

·        What can we do about pollution?

·        Should the main goal of a company be to make money?

·        Should the government help poor people?

·        Should rich people help poor people?

·        What is life like for an unmarried mother?

·        Why are there so many wars?

·        Is religion a good or bad thing?

·        Should rich countries help poor ones?

·        What do you think about the death penalty for serious crimes?

·        What do you think about beggars?